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Omdia Physical Security 2022 Trends to Watch

Coming out of 2021, Omdia is positive on the outlook for 2022. Optimism surrounding new evolutions of transformative technologies, market and technology capabilities will continuously drive innovation. While AI, IoT, Computer Vision, and the Cloud are not really new technologies, they are coming together in new and powerful ways and fundamentally changing businesses, fueling innovation, disrupting industries, and creating both threats and opportunities for all.

Omdia’s Physical Security trends for 2022 has identified the following seven trends to pay attention to in 2022:
  • New edge AI SoC product announcements in 2022
  • Distributed storage increasingly gaining popularity
  • Increasing value placed on software
  • Product stratification of access control equipment
  • The blurring lines between Security and IT integrator
  • Hyperscalers in the control room
  • The rise of the LTE/LMR hybrid devices for Mission Critical Communications
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