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2021 ICT Enterprise Insights in Cloud Computing

The rapidly changing business landscape is increasingly influencing ICT strategy and investment. Industry ICT suppliers must understand enterprises’ needs at a country and industry level to ensure that their product, marketing, and sales strategies are aligned to customer requirements.

To provide this insight, Omdia’s ICT Enterprise Insights program, based on interviews with over 6,600 senior IT executives, answers the key questions. This brief focuses on the top findings from this program for the cloud computing industry, including:

  • Hybrid cloud will be the most popular destination for workloads by 2022
  • AWS will be the choice for 21% of customers
  • VM use is declining in favor of cloud-native technologies
Find recommendations in this report for enterprises, service providers, and vendors, along with detailed survey data on the hybrid cloud transition, cloud provider preferences, and cloud-native use for production workloads.

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